Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cooking Vs. Enjoying a beautiful October evening

The Winner? Leftovers!

October Night #1
Tonight I completely understood the concept of McDonald’s. There was homework, music practice, a baby to feed, a dirty diaper, boogies to wipe, dishes from breakfast to clear, laundry to fold and a gorgeous October day outside. It was warm, with dappled sunshine and the sky as blue as I’ve ever seen it. The kind of day you want to breathe in and taste and absorb through your skin because you know winter is coming. Not the kind of day when I want to stand at the sink rinsing a partially frozen roasting chicken and scraping a butternut squash. So I didn’t. We also didn’t do McDonald’s. We had dried-out leftovers and a salad. Not especially tasty, but we did get outside to play.

October Night #2
Another beautiful night! We sat out swinging for a good hour after we should have been inside marinating salmon. The Chef was in high spirits, it’s still exciting that he can swing himself six months after he stopped asking for a push. Little Zi could stay in his baby swing all day watching cars pass, listening to planes overhead and squirrels in the dried leaves. Salmon stayed in the fridge and leftover meatloaf made an encore appearance.

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