Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RIP, Dishwasher

My apologies to P&G for bashing phosphate-free Cascade in an earlier post. Turns out we did indeed need a new dishwasher. Although I can't let the new detergent formulation entirely off the hook. Our dishes were coming out greasy and chunky. Whereas when we were using the harsh, eco-nasty phosphate detergent, most dishes were mostly clean even with our old washer's weak water spray and mysterious, thundering wash cycle.

The new washer rocks our world, and does it so quietly. It makes less noise in wash mode than the whining and hissing that came from our old washer when it was done washing and simply drying the dishes. And our new washer has a cool "smart" cycle that is supposedly ultraefficient. So less water, less energy and no phosphates headed into the water system (at least not through our dish detergent).

Interesting how many people I know who've been shopping for new dishwashers since the detergent makers changed their formulas. And we are now advised to use a rinse agent -- something else to buy. See how environmental regulations can rev up the economy! Bring on the wind turbines.

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