Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where in the world is Chef Zi?

The Chef is busy doing homework, playing with friends, playing the piano or just playing.

When I first envisioned this blog, the Chef and I had a lot more free time together, and that meant he helped me make dinner almost every night. But this school year has meant a lot more in-school time, plus homework and all the other stuff going on in his wonderfully social, challenging, adventurous life. You've already read how I'll put playing outside ahead of eating. A lot of times lately I end up throwing dinner together myself -- and I do mean throwing, as in toss the potatoes with oil as quickly as I can, fling a wet chicken piece into the roasting pan and hope I don't splash too much raw chicken goo onto the coffee maker -- in between homework help and baby feeding. I miss my Chef.

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