Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potato Bean Burritos

Things came together just right last night for a tasty dinner. First I scanned the fridge -- leftover mashed potatoes, jar of salsa, tortillas...hhhmmmmm. Felt a hankering for Tex-Mex. Considered our diet so far for the week -- a lot of meat, time for some extra veggies. Managed to get some things prepped early in the day. But the magic ingredient was Baby Chef being willing to be entertained in his high chair with a whole bunch of kitchen utensils while Chef Zi and I cooked.

Potato and White Bean Burritos (inspired by our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, but made up on the spot so not sure of amounts)

Ingredients: Leftover mashed potatoes, Can of Cannellini beans (we're Italian!), Chopped Sweet onion, Chopped Garlic cloves, Olive oil, Mild tomato salsa, Grated colby-jack, Wheat tortillas

Wash beans and mash with potato masher. Saute garlic and onion until soft. Add mashed potatos and beans. Add enough salsa for taste. Toast tortilla. Fill with potato-bean mixture and sprinkle with cheese. Fold up, and eat.

We served this with sides of corn, broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

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