Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TV sedation allows harried mother to cook dinner

My big aim in involving my kids in the kitchen is to avoid what happened tonight – I did a Bad Mommy and stuck my children in front of mindless TV in order to get dinner done. I’d had chicken drumsticks and thighs marinating all day, but hadn’t done a darn anything else. The kids were hungry, tired, Baby Zi was hanging onto my legs, Chef Zi was zipping around the house -- careful not to actually run and get in trouble, but moving fast and in a frenzy. And it was raining. But I needed to get out to the deck to grill our meat. So I turned on an Elmo video, and the two of them sat down, still and quiet for 25 minutes. Blessed television.

P.S. What the thinks-he’s-too-old-for-Elmo Chef would want me to say is, he only watched Elmo because his little brother was watching it.

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