Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Zi preparing for new title

Baby Zi is getting closer to graduating to Sous-chef Zi every day. I don’t remember exactly at what age I had the Chef working on a chair at the sink and counter – definitely around 2 -- but I feel like Baby Zi is getting there earlier. Just another example of the Littlest Guy trying to keep up with Bigger Guy.

Lately, Baby Zi has been “doing the dishes”, which is filling containers with water from the faucet and dumping them out. Last night he poured a large yogurt container of water on the floor -- not so good. But mostly he keeps it in the sink.

Six years ago, I’m sure I was more worried about the Chef slipping from the chair or tumbling into the sink. I remember being afraid of walking four steps away from him to the fridge, and realized last night I hardly even think about that now. It’s nice to be a lot less anxious the second time around. But I think Mom-stinct is at work, here, too – Baby Zi is extremely sure-footed. I would not, however, give him anything more sharp-edged than a plastic utensil because he would surely let it fly into someone’s body part, probably his own.

What was I doing while my tot played in the sink? I prepared…

Cabbage and Chicken Stir-Fry

Half head of fresh green cabbage
Ear of corn (cooked night before)
Frozen sweet peas
Roasted chicken breast (from two nights ago)
Olive oil
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper

To make: Chop cabbage into thin strips. Add to pan with heated olive oil. Cook until soft and browned in places. Slice corn off ear and add to pan with frozen peas. When vegetables are cooked, add pieces of chicken. Season with honey, chicken stock and salt and pepper.

We served it with quinoa.

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