Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Junk Food

It’s back to school, and back to the big question of each evening: What can I get Chef Zi to eat in his lunch tomorrow? We’re several weeks into school now, and the menu prepared here at the Zi Café has so far pleased the Chef. Ham sandwich on wheat bread – Ate it. Leftover takeout pizza – Loved it. Egg noodles in chicken broth in his Star Wars thermos – Gobbled all but two teeny noodles. Sliced apples and plums – Gone, except for one slice he always leaves behind, like he’s messing with me. I’ve also included every day a treat of some sort – his grandmother’s brownies, my chocolate cookies, pre-packaged Rice Krispies Treats, Scooby Doo! graham crackers -- which I know he eats first. But I’m okay with that.

Notice the mix of homemade, lovingly prepared dishes and artificially preserved junk food? I think this balanced combination might be key to keeping the Chef engaged in his lunch. Last year, when I tried to stick to nourishing leftovers and fresh fruit, the Chef went on a hunger strike. But I also cannot send my child to school on an exclusive diet of factory-churned, mass-produced, excessively packaged, eternally preserved “food products” every day. So today, for instance, I sent him with one of those cardboard packaged deals where you make your own cold, uncooked pizza and then have candy for dessert– BlaaaaAauuggh!!! But tomorrow, he will find an organic turkey sandwich and apple.

Here’s to hoping he eats more than the candy...

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