Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Horror in farm fields

As I was blog-whining about having to drive around running errands and baking quiche, PBS Frontline came on with a piece about migrant workers in American produce fields being assaulted. I had never, ever heard of that happening before. When we buy inexpensive food, someone is paying. Here is the link.

Can't hit 'em all out of the ballpark

One of my goals this summer is to not let any CSA vegetables go to waste. That means cooking every bit of kale and collard greens that come our way. Time was short. My family likes eggs, Bisquick and Romano cheese. And they usually will eat greens like swiss chard and spinach. So I made a quick and easy “quiche”, tossing in some chopped and blanched kale and chard for the green. My husband was a good sport about it. The kids wouldn’t touch it.

CSA and Walmart on same day

These are the contradictions of my small, somewhat thoughtful suburban life: On the same day that I picked up our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share box of the season, filled to the brim with fresh, local produce, I shopped at Wal-mart. I hardly ever go there; I took an entire class in college about how Walmart was bulldozing mom-and-pop stores out of existence. Plus, I feel completely stressed by the number of deals and bargains everywhere I look. Everything is screaming at me, buy, buy, buy. Anyway, I went in there for just one thing, I swear. It was a water gun just like the ones the neighbors have so my son could join in the fun. I walked out with $100 worth of stuff. I’m not sure my Wal-Mart excursion was really something to feel guilty about. Every item was on my mental list of things that I needed to buy. Instead of driving around and making six stops, I took care of it all in one stop. And I saved a lot of money, for real. All good, right? Well, the really cheap organic top soil was kind of sludgy. The shorts I bought the kids didn't fit right, had to go back. So much for saving time. Now the CSA box... that was a dream. Plump strawberries that taste so much like strawberries they remind me of strawberry-flavored bubble gum. And a whole lot of green. Just right!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Try, try, try again

It’s hard to write a blog. Just like it’s hard to make dinner. And shop local. And do anything outside of what is right in front of you, in a box, already chopped, and squeezed through a machine into the shape of chicken nuggets and frozen French fries. But we’re going to try again. It’s summer and the local strawberries and asparagus are in. The farmer’s markets are opening. Our first CSA box will be ready next week. It is the easiest peasiest time of the year to put together something good to eat. Plus there’s no more homework, and a little less running around (although summer is still busy for us). So there should be no problem getting decent dinners to our table. Right? As for blogging, we’re going to give that another try, too. The Chef has promised to help. Today, the first day of the rest of our summer, includes a stop at a nearby farm market for their strawberries and asparagus. Beautiful.