Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CSA and Walmart on same day

These are the contradictions of my small, somewhat thoughtful suburban life: On the same day that I picked up our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share box of the season, filled to the brim with fresh, local produce, I shopped at Wal-mart. I hardly ever go there; I took an entire class in college about how Walmart was bulldozing mom-and-pop stores out of existence. Plus, I feel completely stressed by the number of deals and bargains everywhere I look. Everything is screaming at me, buy, buy, buy. Anyway, I went in there for just one thing, I swear. It was a water gun just like the ones the neighbors have so my son could join in the fun. I walked out with $100 worth of stuff. I’m not sure my Wal-Mart excursion was really something to feel guilty about. Every item was on my mental list of things that I needed to buy. Instead of driving around and making six stops, I took care of it all in one stop. And I saved a lot of money, for real. All good, right? Well, the really cheap organic top soil was kind of sludgy. The shorts I bought the kids didn't fit right, had to go back. So much for saving time. Now the CSA box... that was a dream. Plump strawberries that taste so much like strawberries they remind me of strawberry-flavored bubble gum. And a whole lot of green. Just right!

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