Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Coolest Snow Fort!

Sled riding is our current favorite outdoor activity. But since I usually end up standing at the bottom of the hill blocking the little ones from obstacles and freezing my toes, I was ready for something new. One day we found a slab of ice in the back of a toy left outside, and it made a great brick for the igloo we were building. I saw others on the web adding food coloring to their ice molds – great idea.

At some point, if your kids are like mine, they will want to smash the ice to smithereens or sled over your beautifully crafted snow wall. (Sigh.)That’s ok, too. Get your pictures in then let them go at it.

How to Build with Colored Ice Bricks

Pull out the old plastic ware. Dig through the recycling bin, too, for wide plastic containers, or cut off tops of tall containers or the narrow spouts. We had the best luck with square or rectangle containers. Plastic newspaper bags work, too.

Fill with water and dye, indoors. The kids love helping with this part. They want to mix the food coloring though so everything is dark black or brown (like our play dough). So I prepared a few myself in pretty colors. You can also use ground up water paints, in a pinch.

Set out to freeze, or put in freezer. Give yourself an overnight to be sure everything is solid. Wet mittens are no fun. I don’t recommend setting in snow like we did at first, because the snow seemed to insulate them.

Head outside to build! The ice should just slide out of the containers. If not, run the containers under water inside. Or give up and keep the ice in the containers, like we did for a few. Use in a fort, igloo, snow princess castle, snow walk or any creation you like.

MAMA ZI’S RULES! Wear gloves. Stay dry. Don’t throw the ice bricks.

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