Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Five Ways to Get Your Spring On

First day of spring? Yeh right. The soundtrack to Frozen is apt, I’m not even tired of hearing it play every single day on our iPod. The temperature is in the 30s with snow flurries, an “eternal winter,” just like in the movie. The only way to enjoy being outside is to get moving, and think warm thoughts. Here’s what we’ve been doing lately to try to get our spring on.
1.       Throw a baseball. One day we hauled out lots of summer toys: baseball, lacrosse sticks, water squirters, bubble blowers, rafts for the water slide, golf balls. It’s too cold to play with the water stuff, but just seeing it has inspired great planning for a summertime water slide.
2.       Blow bubbles. We went to the Gazillion Bubble Show last year in New York City, and have been really into making ginormous bubbles with a large wand and old fashioned strings (gifts from the boys’ auntie). I’m going to try to make our own solution soon with these recipes
3.       Outdoor cleanup. This was mostly fun for me, but the kids always enjoy digging and prodding the ground for worms if not for weeds. Raking and cutting keep you moving and warm.
4.       Hunt for signs of spring. It was very exciting the other day when we found the first crocus, tulip and hyacinth sprouts peeking up from the ground. There are also buds on the trees. With a little sun, everything is going to pop.
5.       Take care of the birds. We neglected the bird feeder for a few weeks, but our beaky friends have forgiven us now that we’ve refilled. Next up is a bird house we’ll be painting and mounting. It’s also fun to leave bits of yarn and ribbon around for nest building.

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