Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

45 minutes to kill, what to do?

Little Chef and I had to wait around while his big brother had music class. Fortunately, our music school has a nice little yard to play in, AND, on this day, massive snow mounds left by the plows. So much to do! We...

1. Made snow slides down the snow piles (no sleds, so had to ride down on our bottoms).
2. Crunched new footprints through the snow. Only deer had walked there before us.
3. Made snow creatures with sticks, leaves and dried plants.
4. Brought smart phone and Leap Pad out of the car and made videos of Little Chef sliding down snow piles.
5. Took pictures of each other, snow creatures and nature.
6. Before we knew it, class was over and the Big Kids were out with us, walking on the top of the snow mounds -- also a lot of fun, and,
7. Throwing snow boulders onto ground for explosion effect.

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