Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Chores" to get reluctant kids outside

We’re all a little tired of the bitter cold and snow around here, and it’s getting harder to convince the kids to go outside. So I’ve been sending everyone out to take care of some “chores.” Required for allowance. Yes, some of them I made up and are completely pointless, but they get us moving outside. And while working away at a boring task, the icy sledding hill and drifts of snow seem like even more super awesome fun. The idea is to get them out, and then they usually stay out.

We’ve only made our way through some of these so far. (There’s been a lot of real work to do shoveling our driveway.) I’m ready if we need more to do:

Clear snow off the patio/deck.
Turn all outdoor lights on and off to check they are working.
Shovel alternate path to mailbox through yard, in case driveway is too icy.
Break off the icicles on the deck railing, shrubs, car, etc.
Clear snow around swing set.
Already shoveled the sidewalk? I think you missed a few spots, go over it again please.
Let’s shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk. Already done? Then let's...
Broom sweep sidewalk.
Tidy deck furniture.
Rake snow -- the shovel is getting worn out (makes cool tracks).
Look for lost toys left in yard last summer.
Take down Christmas lights (I already took them down? Oh yeah, I forgot. Now that you’re out here, why don’t you sled?).
Stomp down a path for the deer (follow their footprints).
Set old carrots and apples around yard for wildlife.
Brush snow off shrubs and tree branches.
Dig out snow to uncover sewer vent, utility hole cover, utility tap, etc.
Build snow ramps for sledding hill (not sure this is a chore as much as a really great idea).

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