Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Easy, messy outdoor Halloween projects

October always brings abrupt weather changes in Western Pennsylvania, and it still it surprises me. One day it is sunny and warm with the deepest blue sky, the next it is wet and cold. One day shorts, the next we want snow suits. Those first cool days make my family want to curl up in front of a Lego Justice League video with a cup of hot chocolate.
But no! Wait! I want us to go out! Which is why I’ve been planning these fun, messy Halloween projects. Halloween stuff always gets my kids outside – they would brave a snow storm to decorate our yard (they actually have done that).
DIY Gravestones. We go for fun and easy. What you need: Cardboard, box cutter (for adult use only), tempura paint, brushes, sponge, metal yard sign sticks.
1.       Cut out head stone shapes in cardboard.
2.       Paint in black, brown, purple, using white to create different shades. Sponge on paint for a rough stone look.
3.       Once dry, use white and black paint to add funny names or sayings, like “Here Lies Dem Bones” or “Rest in Pieces”. 
4.       Attach metal yard sign posts to back with duct tape. Your gravestones are ready to go!
·         Note: Not weather-proof. We save ours for Halloween night.
Spider Webs. What you need: Cheese cloth, black food coloring, water, bowl.
1.       Add food coloring to water in bowl. The more you use, the darker the webs.
2.       Unfold cheese cloth. Then submerge in bowl with food coloring. Let it sit for 10 minutes or more.
3.       Wring out cheese cloth and let dry. Cloth can be stretched, torn or simply draped on trees and shrubs.
Dryer Lint Slime. This was a nice addition to our tomb stones. It could also be used on pumpkins or any spooky scene. What you need: Dryer lint, green and black glitter paint, white glue.
1.       Mix dryer lint with paint and glue.
2.       While still wet, apply to whatever item you wish to make look disgusting. Let dry.
Tree Face. This can go scary or silly, whichever you prefer. What you need: A good sized tree trunk, air-dry modeling clay or play dough.
1.       Create facial features out of clay/dough and press onto tree trunk. More than one face can be put on a tree.
2.       Let dry.

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