Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Easy backyard teepee

   I'm not crafty or patient enough to measure fabric, cut wood or otherwise make one of the super cute, authentic looking DIY teepees that are all over the internet. But my kids love having a teepee. So we collect fallen branches from our yard and dig out the old bed sheets and do our best. The result is usually a lopsided is-that-a-tent-or-did-garbage-blow-into-our-yard kinda look. This year, for the first time, using deadwood cut from an overgrown shrub, my son and I have created a reasonable likeness to a teepee. At least I think so. I can hear my handy, camper friends laughing at the suggestion that this is a big accomplishment. I'm telling you, it is. No nasty letters from the homeowners association this time. I'm recording our method, so next year I will remember how we did it.
The key to it all is a Y shaped stick, at least 6.5 feet long. You will need at 3 more sticks at least 6.5 feet long to make a teepee with a diameter of about 4.5 feet. That is just the right size for two or three small children, or one small child and regular sized mom who is folded up like a crinkled twisty tie.

Cut off any sharp ends where branches broke off so no one gets poked.

Lean the Y stick against another stick, so that the "armpit" of the Y is holding up the other stick. Then place the other two sticks at opposite directions so they are balanced and stable.  Each stick should be doing its job of holding up the other sticks.

We usually tie a bungee cord at the spot where they come together.

Next, wrap a bed sheet, blanket or other piece of fabric around your teepee. And there you go!

Younger Son added some homey touches:  a Super Lock made of bungee cords and cup holders.

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