Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Winter Lightning Snow Sled by Flexible Flyer

It was like a dream come true, those first few runs on our new Flexible Flyer Winter Lightning sleds. They were fast and lightweight. They made us almost forget about our beloved Torpedo. And then they broke.

I’m not talking cracks or chips. Big pieces fell out of the bottom of two of the three brand new sleds. The first break happened on the very first day we took them out. I was ready to chalk it up to a bit of bad luck, or to maybe unnecessarily rough usage by Older Son who was sledding with his friends. But then the next day, on a fairly modest hill in our back yard, a second sled cracked apart in the same way.

To its credit, Flexible Flyer customer service promptly responded to my e-mailed complaint and offered to replace the broken sleds. In the meantime, the third, orange-colored sled is holding strong. So perhaps it was a bad batch of plastic, or something strange happened to the blue and green sleds that made them unusually brittle, like, I don’t know, alien radiation that didn't affect the orange sled because the color reflected more of the Earth Sun's light creating a protective shield? Did that sound like a Supergirl episode? Because that's what I was aiming for.

I really don’t want to pan this sled. Because, as I said, we were thrilled with the Winter Lightning performance. It was fast through untouched snow, faster still once the kids had smoothed down a track. It was maneuverable and really lightweight, making for an easy carry up the hill, even for Younger Son.

In a previous post, I shared my family’s search to replace our cracked Torpedo sled, which lasted almost seven years without a break.  We have since pulled it from the garbage bin while we continue our search for a durable replacement.

(Blogger's Note: This post has been edited to correct the name of the sled to Winter Lightning. A previous version of this post called it something else and then erred in poking fun at that incorrect name. No, the writer was not drinking white lightning at the time.)

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