Get outside, Family!

Get outside, Family!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Amazing ideas for water play

Magical potion made with nature bits
There is something to be said for boredom, and for sending my kids outside when they complain about being bored. With nothing to do, no one to play with and no screen time left for the day, Younger Son came up with two great ideas all on his own.  First he made "potion," by combining dirt, pebbles, twigs, flower petals (and I'm not sure what all else) and water. We've been reading a lot of Harry Potter lately, I'm sure he was behind this. 

1.       How to Make a Potion. What you need: Water, nature stuff (twigs, stones, flower petals, grass, etc.), clear plastic bottle. Glitter and food coloring would work, too.

Fill the bottle with water and colorful stuff you find outside. Twist on the cap and shake.

Later, my son came up with something he called “a tiny little ocean.”   We found it makes a lovely decoration for the bathroom vanity.

2.       How to Make an Indoor Ocean. What you need: Water, nature stuff, clear plastic or glass container. Plastic animals and a toy boat could be nice, too. 

Fill the container with water and other items. Use as decor for table, bookshelf, bath, etc.  

Although I'm quite proud of my child's creativity (ahem, haughty throat clearing here), I'm pretty sure any kid can have fun with a container of water and items collected from their backyard. When I was a kid, I mixed tomatoes from the garden, moss, sand and water into “stews” in a sand bucket. The variations are endless. 

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